PROJECT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY engaged in Sakhalin-2 project

PROJECT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY has entered the pool of contractors for the construction of a Booster Compressor Station (BCS) at the Integrated Onshore Processing Facility (OPF) of the Sakhalin-2 project on Sakhalin island.

PROJECT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY is entrusted with elaboration and development of the digital twin-based model for the Booster Compressor Station. Besides, the Company acts as the BIM operator providing overall digital construction assistance. As a subcontractor of Gazproektengineering, PROJECT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY is responsible for the following activities: monitoring of the actual scope of works performed on-site; development and technical support of the joint information portal of the OPF BCS and Constructor’s Interactive Workplace; elaboration of the digital twin model to be delivered to the operational worksite.