PROJECT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY contributes to international projects

The RBC website reports that on the morning of January 1 Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić opened a new Balkan Stream pipeline bringing Russian gas into the national gas supply system. (Source: Srbija Danas)

Balkan Stream is a continuation of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, which allows fuel transportation from Bulgaria to Hungary via Serbia. President Vučić launched a gas pipeline in the village of Gospođinci, near Novi Sad, at around 6 a.m. (or 8 a.m. Moscow time).

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A working group of our experts is engaged in the development of a technical integrity management system for the Transmission gas pipeline (Interconnector) border of Bulgaria – border of Hungary project, the section in Republic of Serbia In a nutshell, PROJECT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY offers its clients:

- optimal return on investment, which is achieved with a systematic approach to design, multiple-choice studies, financial assessment, comparative analysis delivery to the Customer, adherence to the best industrial practices coupled with up-to-date project management techniques and tools

- consistent approach to integrity management of the facility and all its units thus ensuring that deviations are identified, incidents, accidents and non-compliances are detected on-the-spot and preventing undesirable impacts on the facility’s performance

- the groundwork for automated technical integrity management system

We are confident that competencies and expertise of our professionals are exactly what our Customers need to accomplish their objectives.